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Caliper Launches Developmental Program for Women Leaders

October 25, 2016


CALIPER, a pioneer in talent assessment for over 50 years, has formally launched the Caliper Women Leadership Program, a one-of-a-kind, action-oriented program that will help current and aspiring women leaders with career progression by collaborating with their teams in more effective ways.

As part of this program, Caliper will help participants create a deep understanding of their natural tendencies, leadership style, competency-based strengths, and areas of opportunity; identify goals and next steps for developing leadership skills in critical areas; and recognize the importance of wellness and mindfulness in the development process.

Caliper has studied women leaders for over 10 years and conducted a robust study that uncovered the qualities that distinguish successful women leaders. In the last year, Caliper updated and expanded the study to examine the characteristics of successful women in senior leadership positions, the most common barriers that they experience in today's workplace, the negative impact of those barriers on their work and well-being, and their leadership style and performance.

The results of the study found the most successful women leaders frequently engage in transformational leadership style behaviors, which is characterized by intellectual stimulation, encouraging employees to take ownership of company goals, and providing inspirational motivation.

Natallia Semendziayeva, business development executive who played a key role in the design and development of the program said, "We are very excited about launching this program. Our goal is to arm both current and aspiring women leaders with the tools and resources to develop their potential as leaders and enable them to focus effectively on mindfulness, team effectiveness, and overall wellness. And their success will have a significant impact throughout the organization and help their companies succeed as a result."

The findings of Caliper's Women Leadership Study have created a new momentum for organizations to better develop their women leaders.

"There are several implications from this study around promoting and supporting women in leadership," said Industrial Organizational Psychologist, Nataliya Baytalskaya, Ph.D . "Increasing organizational awareness of the stereotype threat and barriers to leadership for women can pave the way for additional leadership support, coaching and role-modeling programs, or more flexible work-family policies. Furthermore, understanding their own personality and natural tendencies can greatly assist women in facing and overcoming the challenges and stereotype threat they'll likely encounter in leadership positions."

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